When it Rains, it Pours.

Living in the Midwest, the weather here can be unpredictable. Lately, it feels like we cannot catch a break with Mother Nature! In the month of July alone, the Fox River surpassed the flood record of 12.8 feet and reached a level of 13 feet in the deepest spots in Algonquin, IL. With the amount of rain and flood breaking records, homes and business have been tragically affected, with some homes being uninhabitable. The best way to start drying out, is dehumidification.


Dehumidify: to remove moisture from the air. Most people who are affected by catastrophic flooding, can be extremely overwhelmed and are trying to fathom where to begin to start cleaning up the aftermath. After experiencing water damage, it is crucial to dry out the affected areas within 48 hours, as this is how long it takes mold to begin growing. The longer your contents remain wet, the more likely it is to deteriorate from mold and bacterial damage. Your solution for recovery, is the use of an air mover and commercial dehumidifier.

How Dehumidifiers Work

Commercial Room dehumidifiers work much like air conditioners; warmer, moist air enters the dehumidifier and then crosses refrigerant cooled coils, causing the moisture in the air to condense on coils within the machine.  A fan in the unit pulls in air from the surrounding area, which typically has high moisture levels.  When air passes through the dehumidifier, it touches the cooling coils, which in turn pull moisture from the air by lowering the temperature.


Air Movers

When water damage occurs, most people might use an air mover to dry  the area. This works well in the effective areas that acquired water damage. Commercial air movers are most often used in water damage restoration to dry wet areas. Axial air movers are larger, boxlike machines. They work over a broad area, making them effective at drying larger rooms. Centrifugal air movers are often smaller machines and work directly over the area it is placed. The surrounding air is brought in through the intake and forced through a snout at high velocities. Airflow can be angled on these as well, making them effective on both solid floors and carpets of varying thickness. Air movers are an efficient way to help get your home dry.

With the use of dehumidifiers and air movers, you should be well on your way to getting your flooded area dried out. We are happy to supply you with the best and effective equipment available. Check out our website to see the equipment that will work for you.



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Reliable Rentals & Purchases During Summer Outages and Storms

As great a time as summer is, we’re all familiar with the randomized weather patterns across the country. Beautiful weather changes rapidly as a storm system approaches your area  –  and the storms we’ve been witnessing  –  they’re more damaging than ever. The destructive combination of high winds, rain, thunder, and lightening all increase the chance of a power outage. In emergency situations like these, what can you do? 

Ameritemp Phone Number - 5.2017

When the weather knocks out the power, we step in to provide your temporary and long-term solutions. At Ameritemp we offer rentals, sales, and service.

Ameritemp delivers the reliable temporary power solution that keeps your business moving forward.

  • Doosan Image - May 2017Ranging from 20 kW to 2000 kW, reduced-emission Doosan Generators (tier 4) featuring units on dedicated trailers with containment that eliminates engine fluid spillage.
  • Transportable fuel tanks
  • Enhanced power distribution capabilities
  • Generator Purchase Options

We also offer portable light towers, for both rental and sale, to avoid stumbling around in the dark on site. These are good for illumination of special events, road and bridge construction, emergency and disaster relief, and general construction sites.Light Tower Image - May 2017

  • Jobsite mobility
  • High quality light and optimal coverage (30ft Mast)
  • Quick and efficient set up
  • Operator friendly control panel
  • Extended run times up to 62 hours

Think of Ameritemp as a one-stop shop for climate control equipment rentals and power generation equipment that will help you through any disaster.

It’s important to have a plan ready before storms roll into your area. Contact Ameritemp today to learn about our reliable rentals and equipment for purchase so that you have the power you need in the hot weather this summer!

Staying up to date with Ameritemp is easy! Just follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and our blog.

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Electric Heaters: Ameritemp has the Selections You Need

In our December blog we took a look at the benefits of portable heaters. Now it’s time to take a further dive into heaters and look at one specific type of portable heater and how it runs, the electric heater.

As we’re in the third month of winter, it’s a no-brainer that freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on mechanical systems, not to mention your own personal comfort level. Portable, electric heating equipment is a convenient and simple way to bring heat directly to unheated areas. These heaters range in size and efficiency from small space heaters to large and powerful blowers. In large warehouses or small office areas, portable electric heater options are available to supply the right amount of heat required.

Electric Salamander Heaters, for example, are some of the most powerful units on the market and come in models that can produce over 100,000 BTUs. Portable models are equipped with wheels for easy mobility and can be supplied with different electrical configurations to meet specific power requirements and heating needs of each specific application. Ex:

  • Finned tubular heating elements ameritemp-1
  • Thermostat adjustment 40° to 100° F
  • Two 10” rear wheels – front locking caster on 45 kw unit
  • High-limit thermal cutout switch with reset
  • Magnetic contactor
  • Fan only operation
  • Safety yellow heater enclosure with safety screens on both air intake and output openings
  • Optional 25′ long SO type cord, ready for plug attachment is available for each model

Ameritemp carries other powerful units too. We offer a large selection of portable electric heaters from the leading industry manufacturers to match your specific needs:

If you have areas that are too cold for general comfort or are in danger of damage due to freezing temperatures, consider a portable electric heater from Ameritemp as your option. Our experts will be able to determine your exact needs and deliver a solution to best suit your needs.

Contact us to learn more about portable electric heating equipment or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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A Look at 2017: Ameritemp Continues to Provide the HVAC Equipment, Mechanical Services, and Exceptional Customer Service that You Need!

2016 is now a year of the past. That being said, we’re looking towards 2017 and what lies ahead. With an election year on all of our hands, it’s common to see industry fluctuation and uncertainty, but one thing that will remain consistent both year-round and year-after-year is the continual need for HVAC equipment and services.

As a provider of the most complete and in-depth HVAC mechanical services in the industry, we’re devoted to continuing to serve our customers by offering the equipment rentals and purchases that you need, when you need them.

Read about our HVAC equipment, services, and installation work that we accomplished in 2016 by rifling through some of the blog posts published last year, all of which you will continue to find applicable throughout 2017:

With 2017 arrived, remember to use our products and services no matter your field. We cover a wide array of industries such as industrial, institutional, residential, and commercial applications, including movies, events, and more!

And don’t forget to consider the products/services you’ll be interested in over the next few immediate months!

Linked above, we invite you to keep an eye out for our next post on electrical heaters. Thank you for tuning in, and we wish you a happy and healthy new year as we all dive into 2017!

For further information on our products, services, or general industry information, continue to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, or simply contact us today!

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Portable Heaters: A World of Difference Come Winter

Now that the cold winter months are rushing in it’s important to be in the know about rental and purchase options that can make your event or construction work site a world of difference. Whether the electricity is out from a winter storm, the space you’ve rented provides little heat, or the heat you’re working with isn’t that strong, portable heaters are your best option.

Portable heaters are available for a wide array of settings with a variety of optional fuel sources. From spaces small to large, there is a heater that will fit your every need. Ranging from 5,000 BTU to +4,000,000 BTU, let Ameritemp help solve your most challenging heating problems with the highest quality products in the industry.

We provide portable heaters that are the perfect solutions for construction sites, outdoor entertaining, buildings (commercial or residential), warehouses, loading docks and more!

Find your specific portable heater needs:

Other popular portable heater options:

Not sure where to start? Give this Heater BTU Calculator a try. Knowing your estimates can give you insight into how many BTUs you need to heat up your space. The last thing you’ll want at a time like this is the wrong size heater.

With so many options, choosing the best one for the job is simple can be simple! To find out which portable heater meets all the requirements for your project, contact the experts at Ameritemp today. Let us provide you with the most efficient and appropriate portable heating equipment to meet your needs and keep you warm this winter!

Interested in learning more about our capabilities, general industry updates, or the HVAC industry? Continue to follow us on our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Doosan Presents New Paralleling Natural Gas Generators

amer-1As in-the-know industry leaders and suppliers of Doosan generators and lighting towers, we jumped on the opportunity to speak to Doosan Portable Power’s NG225 and NG295 natural gas models with new paralleling capabilities. As a supporter of “go-green initiatives,” Ameritemp fully backs any generator line that reduces downtime and achieves required emission levels in our challenging industry.

The Inside Scoop: What Paralleling Means and Achieves

By sharing the load, paralleling generators can maintain the full load if one machine either requires maintenance or shuts down completely. Finally, a solution! Production continues and no time is lost.

A factory installed paralleling solution, built into the Doosan machine, allows the generators to communicate with each other through a new control panel and electronically-controlled circuit breaker. Synchronization is achieved through precise paralleling conditions without risk of system or machine damage.

Digging into Doosan

An automatic duel-fuel switch allows the unit to run on either natural gas or propane so that there is no disruption in service if the wellhead gas flow is interrupted or not available.

amer-2Doosan Portable Power natural gas generators all feature:

  • Dual frequency and optional voltage
  • Heavy duty skid base
  • 14-gauge galvannealed steel enclosure
  • Rugged running gear

Models NG225 and NG295 natural gas generators with paralleling capabilities bring a new level of portable power to the oil and gas industry.

As with all Doosan Portable Power natural gas generators, the paralleling NG225 and NG295 feature the patent pending Onboard Scrubber System which removes excess dirt and water from the wellhead gas. This improves performance and prevents the machine from shutting down due to disrupted flow of natural gas.

Contact Ameritemp

For your Doosan Portable Power needs, contact Ameritemp today!

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Disasters can Happen at any Time—Are You Prepared?

This time of year hurricane season begins to rear its ugly head and often times we see river overflow due to intense storms. Where and when any one of these disasters will hit is unknown. The results of a hurricane ultimately depend on many factors that are out of our control. Although we can’t change the course of a hurricane, tornado, wildfire, flood, or other natural disasters,  you can be prepared for worst case scenarios.

Ameritemp has the disaster plan you need to be ready!

The most important part of getting operations back up and running? Power. Without power, you are stumbling around in the dark — literally. Portable power equipment, like generators, are necessary to run emergency lighting, HVAC, sump pumps and other vital equipment.

At Ameritemp we have portable generators to bring the power to where you need it. Purchasing a generator ensures that you will be prepared for unpredictable situations.

If you don’t have the funds to purchase a generator, we suggest rental equipment as your solution.  No matter what time of year a disaster strikes, our equipment will make sure your business is up and running to prevent property loss both quickly and efficiently. Through our rental division, we offer solutions such asdoosan-image-oct-2016

Ameritemp sells and rents the portable power equipment to aid in times of crisis.  Rental/lease or purchase options are available 24/7 so no matter what happens Ameritemp is ready to get you started on the road to recovery.  Contact us today to learn more!


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