Electric Heaters: Ameritemp has the Selections You Need

In our December blog we took a look at the benefits of portable heaters. Now it’s time to take a further dive into heaters and look at one specific type of portable heater and how it runs, the electric heater.

As we’re in the third month of winter, it’s a no-brainer that freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on mechanical systems, not to mention your own personal comfort level. Portable, electric heating equipment is a convenient and simple way to bring heat directly to unheated areas. These heaters range in size and efficiency from small space heaters to large and powerful blowers. In large warehouses or small office areas, portable electric heater options are available to supply the right amount of heat required.

Electric Salamander Heaters, for example, are some of the most powerful units on the market and come in models that can produce over 100,000 BTUs. Portable models are equipped with wheels for easy mobility and can be supplied with different electrical configurations to meet specific power requirements and heating needs of each specific application. Ex:

  • Finned tubular heating elements ameritemp-1
  • Thermostat adjustment 40° to 100° F
  • Two 10” rear wheels – front locking caster on 45 kw unit
  • High-limit thermal cutout switch with reset
  • Magnetic contactor
  • Fan only operation
  • Safety yellow heater enclosure with safety screens on both air intake and output openings
  • Optional 25′ long SO type cord, ready for plug attachment is available for each model

Ameritemp carries other powerful units too. We offer a large selection of portable electric heaters from the leading industry manufacturers to match your specific needs:

If you have areas that are too cold for general comfort or are in danger of damage due to freezing temperatures, consider a portable electric heater from Ameritemp as your option. Our experts will be able to determine your exact needs and deliver a solution to best suit your needs.

Contact us to learn more about portable electric heating equipment or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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