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Disasters can Happen at any Time—Are You Prepared?

This time of year hurricane season begins to rear its ugly head and often times we see river overflow due to intense storms. Where and when any one of these disasters will hit is unknown. The results of a hurricane … Continue reading

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Save money and ENERGY this summer with simple tips from Ameritemp!

Let’s face it – we’re living in a time where learning of ways that we can reduce costs by being more efficient helps. Now that its summer, we’d like to give you tips that will help reduce energy consumption and … Continue reading

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Making Sense of a True Emergency

As the providers of emergency and standby generators and equipment for countless customers, we are certainly familiar with disastrous and emergency situations.  We know that some things lost in a natural disaster can’t be replaced, but we also know that … Continue reading

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Pollutant-Free Indoor Air

Did you know that according to the EPA, “indoor air is always 2-5 times more polluted and may be over 100 times worse than outdoor air”?  As you may be aware, outdoor air is filled with pollutants, and is only … Continue reading

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HVAC Tips: Keeping You and Your Environment Clean and Cool

With spring finally here, and summer quickly approaching, air conditioner season is around the corner.  These great machines, designed to keep us cool on the hottest of days, are practically life savers when the mercury rises.  But did you know … Continue reading

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Generator Safety First: Make it a Priority

As a company offering a range of generators for the most demanding and diverse needs, and an industry-leader with an exceptional reputation, we know there’s more to providing generators than simply inventory. There’s quality, knowledge, service, and most important of … Continue reading

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Ameritemp Group is at your Service

Here at Ameritemp Group, our quality service has kept customers coming back and has allowed our Ameritemp Equipment Services division to grow at a rapid pace in the past three years. We provide what our customers value most: reliability, integrity, … Continue reading

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